AquaScan PC Software

AquaScan Win is a PC program that provides the user with complete and real-time control of the counting operation.

When a Control Unit is connected to a PC, it can transfer all the information about the counting process either real-time or from a previously logged file.

AquaScan Win can also be used to completely control the AquaScan system. Counting operations can be started, stopped and paused from the program, enabling the operator to control everything from the computer.

It will show the status of all counters connected, total number of fish, average weight, total weight, number of single fish, speed, weight distribution and channel distribution.

AquaScan Win will automatically log every counting operation to a file on the computer and it is easy to print a report sheet when the operation is finished.

It also contains useful tools for checking status, upgrading software versions and performing optical checks of the units connected.

In essence, AquaScan Win is very simple to use, but advanced operators will find a number of options that can be activated to customize the program further.

It can be connected to 2 Control Units at the same time, allowing the user to control and log 2 counting systems with up to 8 counters simultaneously.

The program can easily be installed on most computers and requires little of the computer hardware or harddrive space. Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.


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AquaScan PC Software