Arvotec control system has a variety of features: it combines precise feeding with water quality monitoring, data logging and alarm functions.

The same control system is used for individual feeders, robot systems and pipe feeding systems, and they can all be linked together as one feeding network. This means you can have one section of production covered by single feeders and another by centralized feeding, or any other combination of our feeding solutions. Accessing all systems from one interface is very handy, especially when it is all cloud based and in the palm of your hand.

The control system monitors water temperature and oxygen levels, while making use of a mathematical/biological energy demand model to calculate the right amount of feed for each dosing unit in real time based on the size and species of fish. Additionally more water parameters can be monitored by connecting the desired probes to the system and used to limit the feeding when necessary.

After installing Arvotec control system, you will notice a significant reduction in the daily workload required. The efficiency and accuracy directly helps to decrease the environmental load by minimizing waste feed. This becomes especially important in RAS environments where any excess particles in the water play a major role. A healthy, sanitary system promotes healthy fish and more accurate and scalable feeding lead into producing more uniform fish.

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