Aqua-Life BP40 fish pump

The 4” fish pump from Aqua-Life is a versatile pump available in two versions. BP40 is ideal in most applications, but the pump can also be upgraded to BP40S if there is long pumping lengths or high heads.

The Aqua-Life fish pump features self priming and variable speed electric drive operation. Optional remote control operation and auto priming available.

All aluminium and stainless steel construction.

Whether pumping high densities of fish over long or short distances or operating the system at slow speeds for grading, counting and vaccination operations, the Aqua-Life BP fish pumps stands out in performance above other fish handling systems on the market.


Inlet/outlet: 4 in (100 mm)

Main pump drive: 3 or 7.5 Hp

Priming pump drive: 1 Hp

Max fish size: Ca. 300 g

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Aqua-Life BP40 fish pump