The CSW2800 is our dedicated fry counter.

Fish sizes range from 0.2g to 40g and the flat scanning area of 280 mm ensures impressive efficiency and accuracy. It comes with a special fit rack with 100 mm pipe output and a 1/2″ water hose input in order to create a fine film of transport water flowing down the CSW2800. This makes it a comfortable and stressless journey for the fish.

We also supply a de-watering system with 100mm input and 160mm output for drained water. This attaches directly to the special fit rack. The fish can be pumped or dip netted on to the draining grid. Click on “Dip net module” or “Pipe inlet module” under the interactive 3D model to view them attached with the rack.


Fish size: 0.2 g – 40 g

Capacity: 184 000 fish/unit/hour (10g)

Water flow: Dry/film of water


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