The Apollo XL-Long grading machine has very high capacity, and is suitable for the grading of both smolt and larger fish. The machine features the same advantages and quality as the Standard machines, but has longer and larger rollers, various roller distances and in general designed for high capacity grading.

The fish are being pumped to the integrated water separator, and then they are evenly spaced before they slide down into the grading rollers. The rollers rotate in pairs in opposite direction from each other and lift the fish while they are sliding down the rollers until the gap is so wide that they go through the opening between the rollers. The angle of the machine can be adjusted both with the machine angle and the motor speed.

The XL-Long has 10 tracks, but will suits most grading applications since it is available with various options when it comes to roller distance, number of outlets and type of dewaterer. Recommended max fish size is ca. 1.5 kg.

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